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A prisoner of hope

A friend told me about her rabbi, he’s fond of saying, “If anything, the Jews are prisoners of hope.” On the eve of the People’s Summit for One Million Voices, I think I understand what he’s talking about.

I helped start the OneVoice movement in 2002 after the Camp David Peace process collapsed and the second Infitada began. I felt hope in a time of hopelessness, because my friends and colleagues in the region desired an end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Nearly six years later, I know we were right.

OneVoice is a grassroots movement seeks to elevate the voice of the moderate majority. People on both sides of the conflict who agree that negotiations must begin in earnest and immediately. People on both sides who no longer want to allow extremists to control the news coming out of the reason. People on both sides who have one voice for two states.

So what’s happening tomorrow? There are simultaneous summits in Tel Aviv, Jericho, Ottawa, DC and London and all will be streamed live, powerd by Yahoo! Each location features a line up of world renowned musicians and the only cost of entry is hope. Putting your name on the line that you support the OneVoice mandate.

I have been lucky to work with a fantastic team around the world. Arranging flights, signing contracts, making videos, arranging interviews, monitoring the news, securing donations, making connections. One of the best moments recently was when ___________________________.

Gearing up for the summits, I also caught the blogging bug. In August, I joined a group of bloggers at a cafe in Tel Aviv. Lisa, SavtaDotty, Lirun and the others were very inspiring to me. A month later in New York, I was lucky to have Craig Newmark and Arianna Huffington in town to meet with bloggers and supporters. We’re even putting bloggers on the media list for the events in Tel Aviv and Jericho.

I’ve also been thrilled to watch as videos and PSAs were produced to help people spread the word online. Folks like ________, _________ and _________ got on camera to support One Million Voices.

So what can you do if ending the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is important to you?

1. Read the OneVoice mandate and sign it.

2. Encourage friends and family to read and sign the mandate.

3. Join us in person at one of the summits.

4. If you can’t join us in person, join us online for summits.

5. Keep spreading the word that it is time for the governments to begin immediate negoiations for a two state agreement. We will not be silent until the conflict ends.


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