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A quick shout-out (even if I might be a little to old for giving shout-outs.)

Tonight I had a blind internet date. Okay, not really, but it had that flair. I spent the evening with Jo from Shocker Khan and Mike from Hello Ninja.

Both are bloggers who read my blog and I regularly check in on both of them. This is the first time I’ve met someone in real life that I know from a blog and it was great. The thing that is great about meeting a blogger is that you have months of reading their stuff, their online diary of sorts. You have a sense of who they are before you meet them.

So in a way it is wierd–like when I went out with BlogReader in London. He’d read my whole blog and knew me, but I was on the first date. Here was a situation where we all read each other’s blogs, so we were at least all on equal footing with random information about the stranger sitting at the table.

Thankfully, we all have WW in common right now. Always a safe place for conversation to start-points and tips. I have to say that their meals combined added up to what I had, so can I order something else?

Anyway, I’m off to bed, but wanted to say that I had a great time. It is really fun when the internet becomes real and no evil surprises are lurking behind door number three.

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