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A year ago today…

Last year I was sitting at O’Hare international, bitterly waiting for a flight back to London. I chose to fly on Valentine’s day because I was single and who flies to London on Valentine’s Day? Nobody. I think in the end, two flights got put together and everyone was flying on Valentine’s Day. I was anxious and ready to be back home in Chicago for good instead of heading back to London.

But the last month in London was great and now I miss my friends from there. I miss dinners out with Maureen and coffee breaks with the girls. It was around this time last year that I went SpeedDating and dated the Blog Reader… Oy vey.

Today I’m not harboring the typical single, bitter, valentine’s day angst. I don’t know why, but I’ve been pretty up since I had that skillet cookie sundae on Saturday night. I’m not so secretly relieved that Rock n Roll had a last minute business trip to California this morning. I’m happy to skip the odd timing of a thirdish date and Valentine’s day. I had a customer in this morning–he just barely started dating someone and didn’t want to totally ignore Valentine’s Day, but didn’t want to be presumptious and give her something in a heart shaped box. We went with a box of cookies and I tied a ribbon onto it.

So I’m happy to be working and then going to improv tonight. I’d rather avoid the relationship accellerator that is Valentine’s Day.

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