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Abby Stewart loves artist journals and queso

Abby Stewart, a Bay Area author, loves artists journals and queso. She joined Leah fresh from AWP in Seattle to talk about her new novel Foundations, writing and publishing during lockdown, and her love of diaries and journals written by artists. We also talk about the best ways to improve Velveeta queso dip.

Keep up with Abby online


  2. Twitter @abby_writes

  3. Instagram @abby_cake

  4. Whiskey Tit

  5. The Drowned Woman

  6. Foundations

Show Notes

  1. AWP

  2. Sunset Magazine

  3. Piper Cub Forum: Leah Jones

  4. Leah Jones (piper cub)

  5. The Folded Clock

  6. Daybook: The Journal of an Artist

  7. Anne Truitt

  8. Self Portrait by Celia Paul

  9. No 91/92

  10. Jenny Lawson

  11. Diary of a Provincial lady

  12. The Forbidden Notebook

  13. My Faraway One (selected letters from Georgia O’Keefe)

  14. What are hatch green chiles?

  15. Queso Blanco with roasted corn

  16. 15 Veggies to mix into your queso

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