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Advised to Lie or perhaps Dont Ask, Dont Tell

Last night I was talking to three people at temple about my dating woes; about the freak factor of being in the middle of a conversion. I was told (and it was agreed upon by a member of the board and another member) that until I’ve kissed and decided he is a good kisser, just tell him I’m a jew. Don’t spill the beans until after that.

Seriously, this was the advice I got from three married people. Get him to like you for everything else and then say, “By the way, I’m not jewish… yet.” I tried to explain to them “fish don’t think about water” but I might have sounded like an asshole. “You born jews don’t think about your jewishness as much as I, a convert, do.”

All I was trying to explain was why I wanted to go to booze n jews. To meet some people who aren’t on JDate, who haven’t decided that a JBC ain’t what they are looking for. Or I need to ask the bubbes at temple to start setting me up with their grandsons.

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