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Age old question from WHMS, “Can men and women be friends?”

WHMS. When Harry Met Sally. Hands down one of my top five movies. It was one of the first I bought and one that is comfort food to watch. Um… yeah. We all know by now the age-old question posed by Harry. Can men and women be friends? She says Yes, he says No.

I have no idea, but tonight’s Everwood sides with Harry. (When I say “tonight” I mean the season finale that was on two or three weeks ago, but I only got to watch tonight with Ronnie.) Men and women can’t be friends, because one is always interested in the other. So on the finale all the friends with connections connect. Andy Brown and Nina. KISS! Bright and Hannah? KISS! The little sister doesn’t kiss her boy, but she tells him at camp and find out he likes her back.

Usually Everwood isn’t quite so 7th Heaven about the LESSON. In 7th Heaven, each member of the family has the same sort of problem and everything is sorted by the end of the night. Not so much on Everwood, but SO MUCH on the season finale. Say what you need to say, cause it might be too late. And after the monologue, kiss your friend and pray to god they kiss back.

In the movie version of my life–it will work out that way. But I have yet to give a well delivered monologue that results in kissing. More often I get, “You’re awesome, but…” fill in the blanks.

I have no brilliant conclusion to this one. Everyone knows I struggle in the friend zone. But I cheer for Harry to meet Sally, I cheer for Bright and Andy to confess to Hannah and Nina. I cheer for wedding cakes with the chocolate on the side.

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