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All work, all the time

Sorry that the focus on this blog seems to be all work, all the time. Once we get Natiiv up and running, the work announcements will move over there and this will go back to being a personal blog. But let’s be honest, as the owner of my own company now… the personal is almost always work.

That said…

I’m pleased to be working with Michael Neff and organizing a blog tour in support of his new novel The Year of the Rhinocerous. Here’s an excerpt from an Amazon review,

“Neff’s Year of the Rhinoceros is a smart and sophisticated Reagan-era thriller that moves with grace and eloquence between insider-Washington’s darkest corridors and the private fantasies of the idealists who haunt them. Most unlikely of these political saviors is the wide-eyed boy-hero from Kenosha, Manny Eden, who would sacrifice his own existence for the sake of a Utopia attainable–nay, fathomable–only in his mind.”

Michael Neff is the writing teacher that got me to start my novel. My novel might be languishing in a drawer right now, but I’m pleased to be able to work with him on launching his book. We’ll also be doing a series of social media workshops for writers together late this summer.

Would you like to be involved in the blog tour? We’re looking for bloggers now.

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