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An Esquire Related Date.

From my WGN interview about the Esquire Ad, I received one email from a local Chicago guy. He emailed me a response as equally brutally honest as my ad. He also made no mention of great oral service, which I appreciated. I wrote him back and we agreed to meet for a coffee or something. A week went by, he checked in, I said yes, I’d still like to. Another week went by, he checked in, I said yes. This morning we went to Le Sabre for brunch.

As far as dates go, it went well. He brought me flowers (who does that anymore?) and the conversation rarely stalled. He has had a fascinating life, but didn’t go into too much detail. He paid and tipped well (a major indicator of human decency in my book.) But, there was no chemistry. After forcing a second date without chemistry in London, I’ll probably pass on a second meal.

But, anyone who has dated me will proud to know that I finished my meal with no nervous stomach or drinking gallons of coffee while pushing an omelette around the table.

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