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and tomorrow…

Tomorrow I’ll be temping. What happened to my month off? I don’t want to seem like I’ve got no ambition, so I said yes, I’ll come and file.

I enjoyed being unemployed today. I slept in until nearly noon. Then I did some email, went to the Little Corner Restaurant, went to Kinko’s to print off my resume, then went to borders to pick up a couple books, and now I’m home. Huzzah.

One of the books was written by college friends of Ronnie. It is Shaking her Assets by Robin Epstein and Renee Kaplan. I’ve barely read the first five pages, but have a feeling I’ll be sucked in pretty darn quick. I have some stuff I have to read for my jew class first, so I must, must, must set it aside.

Now I’m going to take out the trash, do the dishes, write a couple checks to my mortgage company and the condo association and get around to reading about Shavuot.

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