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Annoyance comes to an end. Sigh.

I’ve spent the last eight months spending three hours a week on the jewish floor of St. Alphonsus. Why? Not my conversion, but my improv education. John Mulhern, of the Pat Shay Dancers, told me I should try out improv and start at Annoyance. “They’ll teach you how to take care of yourself.”

After 8 months, I’m sitting here wondering–am I the only person attracted to Mick? The 42 year old improv king of chicago is kind of an asshole, kind of a sweetheart, and kind of sexy. I’m certain I’m not the first person to walk away from him wanting to walk back and I’m certain I’m not the last.

Don’t worry, I didn’t spend $800 just to have a fleeting crush on my teacher. I think I might have learned a thing or two. I spent every class going back and forth between being terrified and having a blast. It was much easier and much harder than stand-up comedy. It was scarier than a first date and more fun than a third date.

I don’t have a great critical analysis. Annoyance was an amazing experience. Josh, Rebecca, Mark, and Mick were all amazing teachers. My cohorts were a ton of fun to play with. It was great to have a few guys that I spent levels 2, 3, and 4 with–Knute, Brandon, and Larry. By the end, there was nobody from my level one and by the end, I think I was the only person with perfect attendence all the way through. I hope I get a gold star for that.

It was one thing over the last eight months that I refused to miss and it was worth it. The next thing I say something insanely offensive and you laugh, I’ll give Annoyance credit. My inner-censor is on vacation.

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