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Annoyance Level Three… Done.

Last night was my last class of Level Three at Annoyance Theater. To date, I’d like to brag, I haven’t missed one class in any level. Now I’m all registered for Level Four with Mick Napier on Saturdays. Kind of a bummer, because now I’m guarenteed to have 6 Saturdays off and I STILL can’t go to shabbat services. Oh well.

One the last night of Level One, we all went out together and our teacher wondered why it was the first time we’d gone out together. During Level Two, we all went out together every Monday night and it included some dares to kiss as many people as possible and a 2AM run to Taco Bell. This term we never went out together, not even last night after our final class. Maybe everyone was already wiped out from a wild Casmir Pulaski day.

I turn down a ride home and opt to walk to the train. It was snowing and I was still trying to clear my brain post-mortgage letdown meeting. I get on the train at Southport and settle down with my cellphone version of Tetris. Head down, hat on, invisible to the world I hear, “Leah?”

I look up and see Micah who was in my Level Two Class and who I haven’t seen since that New Year’s Eve improv party I went to. He sits behind me and says, “I’ve been reading your blog…” “Oh. What have you been reading?”

Now when anyone says this, I quickly think through all 700 entries to remember if I ever wrote about Micah and if I ever wrote anything bad about him. No, I think I’m safe. “Who did you make out with from our class?”


A girl from our class read my entries about Mr. Improv Perfect Moment and asked Micah if he’d made out with me and if it was him. I never consider people IN chicago that I know reading my blog and being curious about it or talking to other people about it. Plus it happened over two months ago and I’m well over it by now, but it gave me a little woozy feeling to be reminded.

Micah said he was going to a show at the old Lyon’s Den and I should come. At Irving Park we race to the door and have to forcefully keep the doors open. AWESOME. I’d never been that person before and it was kind of fun.

We went to the show and as we enter the alternate universe that was Lyon’s Den (a place I went to every week for a year) and is now The Globe, we start running into my classmates. By the time the 10:30 show starts, almost my entire class is at this bar.

Long story short. We didn’t go out together after class, but in the end we did. I got to see four teams perform and knew people in 3/4 teams. It was a fun night and I love running into people in Chicago. It reminds me that it is just a small town in big city britches.

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