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Another quick note

Just a quick note from a Jerusalem suburb. I’m staying tonight with one of my readers and just finished a wonderful dinner of homemade pizza, fresh salad and excellant magic tricks. She graciously offered me some time online (probably saw me twitching from being offline for the better part of a week.) and so I’m just saying hello!

Went to a great final dinner last night in Tel Aviv and then to a club. This morning I taught a class on searching across social media and using RSS. I got a ton of great feedback on my class and it was a chance to meet some ROIniks that I hadn’t met yet. I was dry-eyed up until the final song of our closing lunch. Hatikva, the national anthem of Israel. Just us 120 singing, sans guitar or piano. I was a mess.

I’m pretty scattered and tired, so I’ll hang up now.

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