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Anyone want to foxtrot?

While I thought that ballroom dance was a craze that was sweeping the nation (I’d like to party like it’s 1899, okay?), it turns out it is sweeping the nation of engaged couples. Honestly, it did not cross my mind that I would be the only person to go alone to beginning ballroom tonight. I figured that there would at least be a few other singles–probably all women, but singles. Nope. Just me and 8 sets of engaged couples. But Joe saved me. Joe is probably in his mid-70s, but he was there and he danced with me.

You know how people say that men and women are attracted to people that look like them? TRUE. Based on the sample of my class of engaged couples, totally true. If you’d brought the men into the room and then the women, I probably could have matched them up. At least four of the eight couples definitely looked like they belonged together and the other four–not so much, but I might have gotten 75% of the room matched.

Every guy was 2-3 inches taller than the girl. If he was tall & thin, she was tall and thin. Colors of clothing matched. General build. Body language. The funny thing, I thought, was that in the waiting room–the couples were hardly looking at each other. HEY! You came with someone, laugh it up, hold hands. You might think it is hard to come to a class for the first time, BUT YOU CAME WITH SOMEONE.

I got to look petrified as I watched couple after couple sporting major diamond rings walk into the room. Shit. Shit. Shit. The one guy other than Joe who was alone, was also wearing professional dance shoes–he was not there for beginning dance.

Turns out that I knew the FoxTrot and I might try and jump into ballroom II. I got no comments from the teacher, no “Way to go” or “Lookin’ Good” but nobody really did. Hell, maybe I’ll go the the Argentine Tango Dance Sport class and skip beginning all together? At least those are advertised that you don’t need a partner.

So–anyone want to take ballroom dance lessons with me?

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