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Are there or are there NOT 5 million (or so) people in this city?

For a metropolitan area of MILLIONS, I do a fair share of running into people. After my days of synchronicities on Thursday, it continued. On Friday (on my way to Giordano’s) I ran into a former co-worker. She was in the middle of a break-down–two bad weeks. I told her that Saturn was moving out of Cancer and that a lot of people I knew were having unexplicably bad days on Friday.

I left her there.

Yesterday, my dad and I left the diner by my condo to move his car to a non-meter spot. I ran into the same woman. This isn’t her neighborhood and I’m never on the west side of Broadway. Holy shit. This time we exchanged cards, because it was too damn wierd to dismiss. She said her mood had lifted since I’d seen her last (less than 24 hours earlier.)

Sitting at Metropolis this morning with my parents, I told them how the previous Sunday the table next to me and the table across from me had been occupied by customers I knew from my old shop. Then the table next to us cleared and down sat ANOTHER customer from my old shop.

On our way out, in walked my good friend Tim Fawkes. Holy Shit, again.

After my parents and I parted way, I had a run-in free trip to Barnes & Noble at Clark and Diversy. In part, I think, due to the fact that I was not looking at faces, just book spines. (There were not enough copies of Shaking Her Assets at this B&N to repeat Ronnie and my guerilla marketing from last week, sorry guys.) I picked up three new books (generously provided by my recent houseguests!)

I bought Culture Shock! Israel, Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner, and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Culture Shock! is because I am going to Israel next year–either with my temple or on my own, I’m going. Little Earthquakes is by one of my favorite writers–who gives me Ivy Leaque Envy, but hope for a writing career. Atlas Shrugged is one of those that everybody (and when I say everybody, I mean Ronnie) else seems to have read and I managed to skip over.

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