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Arent I responsible.

I expected it to use up my whole night, but now it is only 8:37 and I am done. Done with what? My taxes! What a relief this year was. One job, no major purchases or liquidations, and only one state. I haven’t had a year with only one W-2 since I was at Fort Lewis College in 2000. Other than that, I’ve had multiple jobs or moved mid-year. I bought my condo in 2005 and liquidated some retirement to close the deal, so that was messy.

Not 2006. One condo, one job. No major medical expenses or tips to calculate. Ah. This is why people settle down, isn’t it? To have what used to be a cringe inducing night turn into a low-key night of doing taxes.

Now what will I do for the rest of the night? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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