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Awesome! Jewsish Blogger Brunch in NYC

The other day I was having shabbat lunch with some ladies from my shul. Now, I hadn’t gone to services, but ran into them on my way home and joined them, stole some fries, talked torah and Israel. I also told them about my blog (and my book.) Deb read some and the next day asked if I know the people who comment–specifically Akira from SushiKiddush.

Well, no. Not in the “real” sense, but yes in the… er… “real” sense. We read and comment on each other’s blogs. We are both jews and both converts–so of course we are kindred spirits. I left a comment on his blog, asking him to meet me for brunch on my way home from Israel and if you see down below–he agreed (if his wife agrees.)

So on my way home from Israel (March 12) I’m going to get to brunch with at least one Jewish blogger, maybe a couple more. I also touched base with the lovely ladies who wrote Shaking Her Assets. They are college friends of Ronnie’s, but I’ve glommed onto them. Come on, how couldn’t I? Go read their blog and see if you don’t want to be friends with them.

I’ll have to think who else might be around that I could get to eat with me in New York on a Sunday morning between LaGuardia and JFK.

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