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Babies smell good.

I realize that it is well documented, but I’d like to reiterate that babies smell great. Clean babies, that is. Clean, happy babies.

Today I spent part of my afternon with two friends who have baby boys at the Starbucks for storytime. Let me say, storytimes are for moms, not babies. A time to socialize with neighborhood moms and let your baby lick the coffee off the floor. Yum.

I spent about an hour with a very happy Dylan dancing on my lap. Dylan is a sometimes shy 5 month old baby. He is very strong with a great laugh. It was great to hold him and sit amongst babies and toddlers.

Even better was watching the faces of the men as they entered. Stricken. What kind of single man hell did they just walk into? a dozen strollers and lots of moms and babies filling the starbucks. Where would they drink their Confirmed Bachelor black coffee now? Where would they surf the internet? The cafe is full of babies!

Happy babies.

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