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Back Safe and Soun

Hayden and I agreed that in my 3 day visit, we fit in about a week’s worth of activity.

A few things I learned in Belfast.

You will always know, 100%, if you are in Catholic or Protestant territory. They are not ambigious, the Irish.

Hayden is really, quite domesticated and a great cook. As long as the cooking includes frying meat.

Six years is equivalant to one day in super-good-friend time.

January is not the ideal time to visit the Northern Coast of Ireland or the Eastern Coast of Ireland. In fact, January is not the ideal time to go.

I saw not one, but TWO B-list Northern Ireland celebrities of Ulster TV.

The main building at Queen’s University looks oddly like Shilling Hall. It is disturbing.

It is also disturbing to sit in the front seat of a car over here. Constant heart attacks from feeling like you are in the wrong lane.

I like ice hockey. A lot. Go Belfast Giants!

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