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Back to normal

The good news is that Spidey is back to normal. Goofball is running around, meowing at the top of his lungs, playing in the sandbox (litterbox, whatever) and begging for attention. Just like he did before he had 1/2 of his teeth removed only yesterday. As I type, he is sitting in the window watching the alley. Now he’s watching me and thinking–get me a treat! GET ME A TREAT!

While I did get some Google, Technorati, and BlogDigger hits from the Rory Gilmore Sex Boat post last night. I was not the only person that thought of it–not at all. Someone even bought the domain and made it into a website. God the internet is wierd. It reminds me of that guy, Mark, who wrote “Dinner with Mark” along with his phone number on a dry erase board in a Crate & Barrel catalog and got a ton of phone calls (and dates) from it.

The most I’ve ever done is write my blog address on the wall of the bathroom at Filter in Wicker Park. Once I got a link on Gapersblock (and another time didn’t get the love for information I sent them.)

Things have been super busy at work. Today I had to write out a To Do list–that is how busy it was. I was doing UPS labels while I was on hold with the Travel Agent. Typing up notes while I was serving lunch. Okay, that isn’t quite true. I was busy every minute of the day–which is fantastic when it happens. I’m learning that I’m a damn good multi-tasker and at the end of the day, every box was checked off.

I have another challah on my to do list for Sunday–I need one for Sunday night, one for Monday night and one for Tuesday night. I still kind of want to bring one in to work on Friday, but since I just found out that Marniqua (Marnie) is in Chicago this weekend, I won’t be doing that.

All in all, I’m about to come out of my hermit shell from the month of September. October will be wonderful and crazy busy. High Holidays, converting, a wedding, Homecoming (?) and who knows what else. I’ll get through High Holidays first.

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