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back to tel aviv tonight

thanks for the comments from those of you who commented. I haven’t had internet access in days and just borrowed a computer for ten minutes to post this.

last night i went to the kotel, dropped of notes if you gave me notes. If you have prayers you want me to drop off on shabbat, let me know in the comments or in email.

It has been good, exhausting, but good. It’s hard on introverted me and I’m very self concious that I’m am not seeking funding, I don’t have a big project, I don’t have a big important web site. But I learned that what I’ve learned at Edelman has been the most useful. in fact I’ll be teaching the same workshop (without my powerpoint) tomorrow for ROI. Going beyond Google, how to do search and use RSS.

Lots of fun and yes, the Crocs are very comfortable.

But I broke my camera walking the ramparts around the old city last night, so no more photos. damn.

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