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Bad Guys in Suits. A musical comedy about gangsters!

My friend Erin Jones (no relation) always has a show up somewhere. She is a highly skilled dramaturg, stage manager, producer and director. But for some reason, I rarely see her shows. In part, I think, because she realizes that the success of theater in Chicago can’t be by filling seats with your friends every night. In other part, because she is so involved she forgets some of us need a nudge to go to the theater.

Anywho, in a talk about how to get buzz for her new show, I mentioned doing a blogger preview and that is tonight. She has invited bloggers from around Chicago land (some seats still available for just $10!) to come and preview the musical comedy about gangsters. I’m going to go with bloggers Bleu Caldwell and Jon Shalvi, but you have plenty of time to see it. Below is the press release and of course you can friend them on MySpace .

Guns, Dames, and Murder-for-Hire

Bad Guys in Suits , an original musical comedy, reopens at BoHo Theatre @ Heartland Studio .

When Chicagoans consider their Gangland history, certain names immediately come to mind: John Dillinger. Bugs Moran. Baby Face Nelson. If the latest revival of Bad Guys in Suits is any indication, writer/director Josh Zagoren and Hobo Junction may soon be added to that list.

Zagoren runs the comic gamut with this depresion-era gangster musical about hitmen having a bad day at work. After packing the the houses of Second City’s Donny’s Skybox Theatre and Gorrilla Tango Theatre, Bad Guys in Suits will reopen at BoHo Theatre @ Heartland Studio on October 25.

Featuring the musical stylings of Dan Pearce and The Panda Feathers, Hobo Junctions’s Bad Guys in Suits employs a rich jazz repertoire of 1930’s jazz and gypsy music. Zagoren’s comic parlance is expertly delivered by the requisite mooks and wise guys, while puppeteer Alena Risinger’s clever designs hold their own amongst the Bad Guys Mafioso. Eat your heart out, Al Capone.

Hobo Junction’s Bad Guys in Suits opens October 25 and will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 10:30pm at BoHo Theatre @ Heartland Studio, 7016 N. Glenwood. Tickets are $15 and available at the door or by emailing

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