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Battle of the ads

After I quit Jdate, I switched to Craigslist. Or returned to Craigslist. Whatever. I posted an ad that I’d used before and got some good responses. Even scheduled one non-date, but that fell through (with an appropriate window of cancelation time, so I can’t be upset with him.)

This afternoon I posted again, but I wrote a new ad. I thought I’d let you all weigh in on my ads. What do you think? How would you write a personal ad for me? Remember that I’m looking for a relationship and not NSA craziness.


JDate expat seeks JDate refusenik

I can’t bring myself to spend another minute on Jdate, so I’m coming to Craigslist. Any JDate Refuseniks here this weekend?

I’m an extroverter introverted writer with a little geek on the side (don’t worry, the geek is a personality trait, not a guy. Although if you are a geek and want to be by my side, that’s why we’re here, right?)who has called Chicago home for nearly five years. I’m in Chicago to stay–love the grid, love the CTA, and love the comfort of having all that Chicago has to offer (even if I’m terrible at taking advantage of it.)

I’d like to meet nice Jewish man who isn’t afraid to hide my crack(berry) from me on the weekends. Who will make me coffee and tell me whether or not I’ll need an umbrella. Perhaps you are a fellow writer, traveler, urban explorer, burger lover, coffee connoisseur, or hearty laugher?

I’m 29, tall (5’11”), brown hair, blue eyes. I’m not going to require a picture, but it wouldn’t hurt, now would it? I am going to require pretty good grammar and use of punctuation.

Don’t worry I’m not looking for perfect.


All you Jewish men. – 30

I see ads that men are looking forward to meeting “all you fascinating women.” I’m not interested in meeting ALL you fascinating Jewish men, I’m interesting in datng one fascinating Jewish man. You might happen to be him and that, my friend, would be fantastic.

I’m a liberal, but fairly observant Jewish woman. I’m not looking for an equally observant man, but a man who can embrace my observance. I’m heading to Israel this summer for my second trip and would like to be married to someone who counts an annual trip to Israel as a high priority.

(Whoa! She said marraige and we haven’t even had one cup of coffee yet!)

Yes, I did drop the M word, but I don’t have a strict timeline. That’s just something I want, so I thought I’d be honest.

(Shit! She’s bringing up honesty too!)

I have been in Chicago nearly five years and in my condo for two. I’m tall, blue eyed, brown haired, and curvy. Well traveled, educated, good job, published. I’m a writer and blogger and amatuer photographer. I love the grid, I love the CTA, I love all that Chicago has to offer.

I’m looking for someone who will make me turn off my Blackberry and go enjoy Chicago. Actually, going outside to enjoy chicago sounds pretty great. That’s what I’m going to do.

Send a photo attached to a message that makes me write back immediately.

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