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Becoming Kaye Corleone

The last couple days I have been having wedding fantasies. Wedding fantasies followed by society wife fantasies. I don’t know why, it is not like me at all. Maybe it is the number of weddings coming up for friends in my extended social circle or maybe it is part of unlocking my feminine energy—but the bride/wife/mother fantasies are going full-throttle.

I used to imagine being married to Michael Corleone—that I would be a better mafia wife than Kaye. Ronnie pointed out that now that I’m working on being a Jew, marrying into the Sicilian mafia is probably not going to happen. Too bad, I would have remembered to take the canoles.

Now I wonder—will I have a Jewish wedding before I’ve ever attended a Jewish wedding? (Granted, I have to do better than a string of awkward first dates to even be THINKING about a wedding.) Could I be the woman behind the man of a great company? The wife that sits on boards, plans dinners, networks and selects stationary? The woman who is thanked at her husband’s 80th birthday for being responsible for his success and the strength of the company?

I’m not exactly sure where this is coming from, but I’ll ride it out. My Gestalt (SAY IT FUNNY) therapist has said it is high time I get some fantasies—being married to a mafia boss or powerful family run business man is probably not what she had in mind, but seems to be what I have in mind.

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