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Big clutter go away!

This weekend I’ve been cleaning, but you can’t tell it for looking at my place. Why not? I’ve been deep cleaning and trying to get rid of clutter. I realize that a nightstand, a desk, and a dresser might not sound like much, but it was huge. You see, with 12 less drawers in my house, the clutter has to end. If there is no where to stash, it won’t linger.

On Craigslist this weekend I posted five picture frames, a three drawer nightstand, my TV, my desk from Fort Lewis and the five drawer dresser. In an hour or so two women are coming for the nightstand and desk. The frames were picked up yesterday and the dresser I dragged into the alley. A family that needed it found it and took it away within an hour.

I love the alley economy. I don’t need the dresser I bought for $50 five years ago and I don’t need any profit from it. The family needs it and they don’t need to pay money for it. A bit of good karma out into the world. The desk is going to a good home, also for free. It was harder for me to give up, but I knew I couldn’t charge anyone for a 50 year old desk from a dorm.

Now my bed is piled high with the once hidden clutter. I’m going through it and deciding what needs to get donated, get trashed, get put in a proper place. And once this is done, I’ll let myself get the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper. Ah….

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