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Biting the bullet.

After over six months of singing their praises and making Neighborhoodies my number one gift shop, I have bit the bullet. I have committed two words and two stars to a hoodie of my own. This is after lots and lots of deliberation. These things are easier to do for other people than for yourself. I can rattle off hundreds of ideas for my friends and have in previous posts. For myself? Wishy Washy might have been the best one, cause I haven’t been able to pick.

  1. Ravenswood: No, the guy upstairs has it and I haven’t lived there long enough.

  2. IceCreamGirl: Mmmmm… no thanks and now that I have cut dairy out of my diet, totally unacceptable.

  3. Colorado Chica: I’ve been out of colorado a couple years now and was never the most Colorado of Colorado people.

  4. SW3 6NA: Too much like 90210–anyone who would recognize that it was a london postcode would also recognize it was a posh postal code.

  5. Socially Awkward: It got one vote, but maybe my skills will get better. Maybe I’ll become a Madame of Social Behavior (not that kind of Madam.) Can’t do a self-deprecating billboard.

  6. Polyester Winnebago: No votes. You have spoken up for my future band. We will have a cooler name, fine.

  7. I love your band: Three votes and I have decided it will be best on a cute little t-shirt this summer, so it is on hold.

  8. *Schaal* Avenue: The winner. It is the street we grew up on and where our parents still live. Replace the * with stars in your mind. I went with the classic Navy Blue and Gold–same as I got my brother-in-law and as Helena got. Fort Lewis College colors, so you’d think I’d gotten over them by now, but good stand out colors.

So there you have it. I said happy birthday to me and am getting my own Neighborhoodie, to have and to hold, from this day forward, till death or theft from the laundromat do we part.

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