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Blog Crush

On My Urban Kvetch, Ester posed the questions.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone through their writing?

Have you ever transitioned a Blogcrush into a relationship? Was it all it was blogged up to be, or did you encounter disappointment?

If your Blogrelationship thrived, did you blog about it, or did you keep it between the two of you? And when Blogcrushes go bad and split up, do the readers suffer?

There are a lot of great answers. People who have had Blog Crushes and people who have been blog crushed.

I have been blogcrushed a couple times. I find it to be a little flattering and a little unsettling. Flattering–somebody falls for you based on your writing. As a writer–isn’t that the point? Isn’t that the whole GD point? Maybe not the whole, but it is nice. But when I went out with a blogcrush in London, I’ll call him BlogReader, he was 7 dates ahead of me. He already knew my good stories and how I was dealing with my homesickness. So while he was on date 7, I was struggling through date 1. Trying to get vitals like age and number of siblings.

Now I’ve put a new boy in the hot seat. I’ve told him that the blogcrush is kind of creepy, but also gave him my card with the blog addy on it. It is like a horrible catch 22. “Here is the key to learning a lot about me, but if you use it, I’ll might be creeped out. I might be flattered. You won’t know until you do or don’t read my blog.” Bad Leah, bad bad Leah.

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