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Blogger self-love

No, get your head out of the gutter. I’m not talking about self-love, I’m talking about mutual blogger admiration and “Gosh, aren’t we awesome. Us, bloggers, us.”

Thanks to Esther from Jewlicious (among many other things) I found out that ROI120 was happening again. Not one to let defeat get me down (I wasn’t accepted last year) I applied this afternoon. The application form is a little strange in that after you hit apply, it doesn’t send you to a page confirming that you applied. I freaked a little and was very happy that I had a word document open with my essays in it.

Not 10 minutes later I got an email from CK at Jewlicious (among many other things) saying he was excited to see that I had applied again and offering that I could punch him when (if) I meet him at the conference this summer. I would say our blogger relationship had a rocky start, but somewhere in the archives in here we reached an “agree to disagree and maybe, just maybe, you aren’t so bad” place.

Now there is also the added small worldness that he and Laya from Jewlicious know my friend Pinny from . Pinny was the hassidic rabbi I mentioned at my bat mitzvah who helped me write my d’var. We know each other through the small world of Word of Mouth Marketing.

Anywho, it looks like CK and I might now be in cahoots. Or we will be after I punch him in Jerusalem this summer. I find that punching my fellw JBloggers is a great way to break the ice… which might be why so many people only talk to me on the phone and IM.

Are you interested in participating in ROI120 this summer? There is still time to apply (not much, but there is.) And if you aren’t sure it is for you, you should read CK’s plea from last week .

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