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Bodyworlds, bike rides, and tar dust.

Today our parking lot was resurfaced. I left my windows cracked open thinking, “Spidey will enjoy the noise and the action.” I did not consider that my condo would be covered in asphalt dust at the end of the day. Gross. Gross. Everything is just a little gritty and a little darker than it was this morning.

I just got back from a bike ride that I forced on myself. Not even an hour long, I rode to the Montrose dog beach and back. I had to do something to combat the snickers bars I can’t get enough of, the regular sodas I keep choosing over diet soda or water, the cookies I can’t stop eating, and the sitting I do all day at work. Thumbs down.

Beth, who visited this weekend, wrote an update at her Friendster blog about our holiday weekend. We hit Bodyworlds at the Museum of Science and Industry on Sunday afternoon. We ate at Moody’s and Candlight Diner, as well as the world renowned Jimmy Johns of Broadway. Do I know how to host or what?

She also wrote about my sudden realization that for a year, I was living with a smart, funny, cute jewish guy. How did I miss that? I suppose I always knew those things, but he was a smart, funny, cute, jewish roommate–which is totally different than being a jewish guy. I think he might have also realized the same thing–not that I was Jewish at the time, but I’m getting closer every day. I don’t think anything will come of it, but it was funny–what if he’d answered one of my personal ads instead of an ad looking for a roommate?

When I was at the Museum of Science & Industry, I realized that there are a lot of things hanging around from Nazi Germany. There is the 505 U-boat and a smaller plane in a dogfight with a British plane in between the 10 story man’s heart and the AIDS exhibit. Hmmm. That plane and that boat–both had roles in World War II. It isn’t just–wow, how did they get that boat all the way from Africa to Chicago. But–the purpose of that boat was to starve Europe, to fight for the Nazis, to kill Jews. There is nothing I can say about the holocaust that is new, but sometimes it snags me when I’m least expecting it.

I skipped over a lot of body parts at BodyWorlds. So what–an artery. So what–a lung. But the full bodies, those are what I wanted to see. It wasn’t until I got to the hurdler that I even began to wonder–wait? There are no strings. How is this body hurdling without momentum on his side? There was only one small point of contact. Wow! And the soccer goalie–just his fingertips were touching the ground. Must be a cantilever that goes deep into the floor to balance him out.

And yes, there were a lot of penises. My sister reported that a friend had that comment about the show. While we were in line, I told Beth, “My sister’s friend says she saw a lot of penises.” When we walked out, we agreed. A lot. And the nipples on the women looked wierd, like afterthoughts.

When we left the exhibit, the lights were off in the whole museum. How magical! I wanted to duck under the velvet rope and run into the museum–experience science in the dark. That would be geek heaven. But, you know me, little Miss Follow-the-rules. I just sat on the cold marble and waited for Beth to finish the exhibit. I have to say, she was a good museum buddy. We let each other go at our own paces and just agreed, “I’ll find you at the end.” None of that, “Ooooh, look at this.” that is so annoying.

That is SO what happened on my date in London at the British Museum and exactly why I no longer date men named Dave. (Hard, since every other jewish guy is a David.) “What are you doing? You are looking at the museum all wrong. You are supposed to read the placards and go in chronological order.”

Finally, I now (or I did for a few seconds) exist to the CEO of my company. I commented on his blog and even left the link to my blog. I realize that raises the risk of being dooced, but I think I can avoid that–in part by letting the CEO know where and that I blog.

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