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Brady meet Jones. Except Brady = Jones; Jones = MacLeod

Somehow, the clip isn’t on YouTube because if it was, I would be using it. But you know that episode where Marcia Brady goes to prom (or something) with Davy Jones from the Monkees? That was my day today, I’m totally serious. I got to have lunch and traipse around Chicago with Hugh from Gaping Void today.

He might be totally annoyed with the airlines for making him stay in Chicago for, um, 24 hours longer than the layover was planned. Me? Absolutely not.

And how, pray tell, did I end up having dinner and a mosey with him? Twitter . Saw he had to stay in Chicago and sent a message complaining about him being in Chicago and not seeing me. Let me make sure you understand, I am a total d-list blogger that works for the me2revolution at Edelman with a well documented blog crush on Hugh. But I’m certainly not (or didn’t think I was) someone that gets to hang out with Hugh all day. Apparently, now I am. Huzzah.

This is like taking Davy Jones to prom only way better. Why? I don’t think that either of us are vapid starlets. Anywho, the day totally kicked ass. We met up at Cru, wandered to Wicker Park and I dropped him off at O’Hare around 6ish. Fun times were had by all.

Can I just say that it is very strange to hand your business card to someone who’s schtick is cartoons on business cards? “Hey Picasso, I just had this canvas I thought I’d give you. You know, for like, whatever you use canvas for…. and stuff.”

I have HP 7 sitting next to my dinner, so I’m going to wrap this up. But here is some advice if you ever meet Hugh. He totally speaks in military analogies (and theology, awesome) so know something about the military and you’ll be closer to the same page. And then be ready to be blown away, the dude is fucking smart.

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