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Breastfeeding/Infant Community that you should check out.

A few weeks ago, with no fanfare, I put up a link under blogs to Sisterhood Six. Sisterhood Six is an online community that I had a teeny, tiny role in creating. (It is sponsored by Avent and I do admin stuff for the team that does some of their PR.)

Anyway, it is a fabulous online community based on the blog format and is a conversation between moms, moms-to-be, moms of multiples, moms of singles, moms who are also doctors and doulas and writers. Since starting to do the admin stuff for the Avent team, I have learned a TON about breastfeeding, breast pumps, bottles, formula, pacifiers, and other things that have to do with feeding babies. And I love learning about it–even though I am clearly a thousand years away from actually having a baby.

My sister occasionally comments over there, but I refrain. But you if are a mom (or a grandma) or a dad, you should check it out.

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