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Bridget Jones II: The Edge of Reason. SPOILER ALERT.

Yeah, I’m going to give it away. So if you are going to go see Bridget Jones Part Duex, stop reading. Or keep reading, I’ll go back and edit in some spoiler alerts. How’s that?

I met a couple girlfriends in Wicker Park so we could get a bite to eat and go see The Edge of Reason. We went to dinner at Small Bar–the new one, not the old one. It was really nice and the food was excellent. Even though I had too much pasta at lunch, I got a burger. I gotta know if there is one better than The Daily. It was good, the fries were good, the Stella was good.

Then we hopped back in the car and zoomed up to the AMC on Western. When we got there, we saw a very long line at the door. All these people weren’t there to see Jones 2 are they? The line snaked around and around. Then I saw the people had special BLUE tickets and were being checked with handheld metal detectors. Holy Cow! When did chick lit movies become objects of terrorist threats? What sort of security breach is going to happen?

I didn’t get an answer to my question, but they were all going to see a preview of National Treasure. A movie that I kind of want to see. I didn’t hop into the special line, I paid my $43.79 for my ticket and got into my line for Jones 2.

Okay, the movie.

The soundtrack is AWESOME! Primarily because it is all songs from my time in London. The Darkness and other songs that I brought home with me.

The storyline is questionable. There are a few great scenes, that I thought were realistic.


The pregnancy scare for one. Miss Jones realizes they have been have uninterrupted sex for two months and worries she might be pregnant. Mark Darcy walks in while she is waiting for the results of a home pregnancy test. He is elated, but they quickly have a fight about the baby’s education. Eton or public? When she turns out not to be pregnant, they try to brush the conversation aside, but it keeps them both up that night. How can two people from such different social classes be in love?

However, the all girl sing along to Like a Virgin in the Thai Prison… maybe a little unrealistic.

Being seduced by Daniel Cleaver all over again in Thailand–TOTALLY Believable. And the moment when it clicks that it might not be right–he goes looking for the giant panties. Which she wore. Because even though she didn’t want to sleep with him, she wore the giant girdle panties that would get him into bed. When it worked—she had a quandry. Did she really want to sleep with sexy, sexy Hugh Grant… er, I mean, nasty Daniel Cleaver?

Speaking English to the women in the Thai Prison and giving them copies of Men are from Mars? Um, maybe not.

Realizing that Mark was not all that horrible to her, when faced with a few realities of the lives of the Thai Women in Prison. True. Could be realized by volunteering or reading Marie Claire.

Still being friends with the girl who put the cocaine in her bag, landing her in a Thai Prison? WHAT? FUCK NO! For the record–if any of my girl friends leave me to rot in a Thai Jail for drug smuggling, just cause they had a week of great sex with some cute british boy… well… She did call Mark Darcy when she got home, but I would not be so quick to forgive.

Worth seeing? A matinee, maybe. On video. Or for a girl’s night out, which this was. Feel good and see parts of London–yes.

Good for Thailand’s tourism industry? Maybe not so much.

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