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But can I handle the rejection?

My ego my turn out to be a bit more fragile than I expected. So far, in the speed dating world, I have no matches. After the event, you go home with your scorecard and hop onto the Speed Date webpage. You take all the guys you met and say yes or no. They take all the girls they’ve met and say yes or no. If you say yes to a guy and he says yes to you–it is a match and you get each other’s email addresses. If you say yes and he says no, you get dissappointed.

Of the twelve guys I ticked yes for, four have said no to me. The other eight haven’t put there entries down. Now there is also the option where you can see how many of the guys that you said no about, said yes to you. It is taunting you. Right now, that number is 1. You can go and add more yeses, but am I really interested in any of those other guys. Do I want to fish around and see if I can figure out who it was?

I think I need to block myself from visiting the website of rejection for a few hours. And then, depending on any matches I may or may not get, rethink my marketing tools.

Or I need to join a nunnery. It might be easier to join a nunnery.

UPDATE: I will not have to join a nunnery. I have one match. Whew. and we are even communicating on a thing they call “e-mail.” new fangled.

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