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But is improv ready for me?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of improv comedy for a few months. After I got back from London, I rejoined my writing class. I found that after a year of writing with the same teacher, the class had gotten stale and everyone at my level had moved to other nights or on to new projects. I sat and looked at the beginners in my class and decided to quit.

(Now, there is part of me that feels this is part of a long string of obsessive creative involvement that I have dropped after two years. Dream Group and Djembe drumming in Colorado, Stand-up Comedy, and now writing. Another part of me thinks that these creative skills are all going to come together in something BIG, but I can’t envision what it might be. Did I also mention I can anesthetize a house fly?)

I decided it is time to stretch a muscle to make another stronger and started shopping around for an Improv class. This is, of course, after a few years of saying, “I’m a stand up comic, not an improv.” Why have I avoided doing improv? Because when you fail at stand-up, you take responsibility. When you fail at improv–it’s your coach, your team, the space. Too many other people involved.

I talked to a few friends and finally my friend John Mulhern told me to start at Annoyance Theater. While I had overlooked Annoyance, it was his opinion that they teach you how to take care of yourself better than any other theater. I’m not sure what that means, but I checked their class schedule anyway. There is one beginning class with a changed start date that starts on Monday.

So………. drumroll. I am now signed up to be a beginning improv student at Annoyance Theater. Monday is my first go and I’m pretty excited about it.

Look out Tina Fey, I want your job.

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