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C(h)razy (C)hanukah

No posts, eh? Well, it was a crazy Hanukah filled weekend with no time to post. Services, three latke dinners and a brunch. Busy, busy Leah.

I got a lot a traffic on Saturday night when Hugh mentioned we talked on the phone. Weird. Well, not weird, I follow links of the friends of people I admire, but it is weird to be on the receiving end of the clicks just for talking to a friend. HOWEVER, I agree with what he says about me. I’m humble, too. All I say is, “Folks, give him the month off. He needs it, he needs it, and he needs it.”

Saturday night was tons of fun hanging out with Amy for the first time in ages and Shalvi, too. Jon was my roommate whenI started this whole Jewish thing and I retold the story of my first Hanukah and going to buy him a menorah. I don’t think I’d ever told him, despite the fact I’d told other people. Or perhaps hearing this time, knowing what we know now about me converting and stuff, it was funnier. A classic tale.

Jon left at a reasonable hour, but Amy and I had a late night gab fest. After all, we hadn’t hung out in ages and had a lot of gabbing to do. All subjects of gab fest will be revealed in good time, folks, all will be revealed. Bua ha ha.

Sunday morning after, um, 4 hours of sleep, I hightailed it down to Dubi’s for brunch and crafts. After crafts, Ted and I headed back north and I hit up two more latke dinners. Both, luckily, within four blocks of my house. That was my weekend friends, uber social, as the week will continue to be. Latkes here tomorrow night. Edelman holiday party on Thursday night.

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