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Can we get to 1000 votes for a girls softball program?

I don’t want to turn this blog into a vote for this, vote for that blog… but this is a deserving cause and I can’t figure a way to fit into a tweet. I thought I’d let John Kuttenberg tell you in his own words…

Superior Central Softball Field, Eben Junction, MI

This is a small rural softball field in the middle of the UP needing a major facelift. It is the site of the only girls summer athletic program in the area. It is competing against a number of other cities that have the support of the regional media like Iron Mountain and Marquette to have their field rebuilt by Kellogg’s. They need 1,000 votes by April 30th to make it to the next round.

Please support Superior Central Softball Field so it has the chance to be rebuilt by Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal. They’re on a mission to rebuild run-down fields across America, because kids need places where they can work hard, play hard and be their very best. Let’s help this field be one of them.

To vote, you can go access it here at and click on “help rebuild America’s playing fields” banner, then click on “Search for a Nominated Field”, enter “Eben Junction” in the City and “MI” (Michigan) in the state. When the icon for this field appears click on “See More Info” to vote.

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