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I was looking around the blog tonight, trying to decide if someone who knew me when I first got to Chicago would even “recognize” me today. Recognize my digital footprint, anyway. I think the answer is no. Where are the links about Stand-Up comedy? Wicker Park? Study abroad? And what, pray tell, is with all the Jewish stuff?

I was 26 when I started writing this blog. Twenty six! A million years ago and a million miles away. Living in London, blogging from a cold office in a lightfoot hall in Chelsea, and trying to figure out “should I stay or should I go.” Clearly I came home to Chicago at the end of it and then immediately started changing things.

I left study abroad for Ice Cream. Yes, ice cream. Remember? I left Stand-Up for Improv and writing. I left Ravenswood for Edgewater. I became a Jew after years of comfort in agnostic cynicism. A look down the blogroll might have someone think that this is not the right person, but I promise I’m “that Leah Jones.”

It all feels like a million years ago. But at the heart of it, I’m still recognizable. Hell, last night I met someone who attended Millikin for one semester. ONE SEMESTER! and she recognized me. More photos, I guess, is what you all need.

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