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Chicago Cycling Tattoo

It has been two years, if not three, since my last tattoos. I was in Austin, Texas, for a conference and had a lot of free time so I wandered into a tattoo parlor and got the Star of David and Chicago Star on my back to accompany the Argentine sun. It brought together three important flags and places.

Since then I’ve thought about a number of possible tattoos and dismissed them. Then I discovered the bicycle posters of the 1880s and the art of Alphonse Mucha. So I got together with Serena, told her all the things I liked about different posters, what sort of cyclist I am and picked images from Art Nouveau books, then let her do her work.

We collaborated on the design and on Thursday I had my first session. It took 4 hours and was quite painful, but Serena was lovely and the work is outstanding. I go back at the end of the month (if I’ve forgotten the pain by then) for color and the addition of the Chicago skyline.

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