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Chicken Pot Pie Redux

Last night was my “we try every month or so, but ends up being only every quarter” chicken pot pie night with Ronnie. Ronnie is, hands down, one of my favorite people in the city. While we rarely see each other, we never struggle for conversation. Well, at least not before exhaustion gets the better of us. Last night at the exact same moment our brains shut off and I became inable to complete a simple sentence. “The book was, uh, good.”

It sounds funny, to make plans for chicken pot pie. But as I’ve said before, even on a summer night–this is good stuff. And it is only two blocks away from my improv class. I could go every week, but it would feel a little like cheating if I had chicken pot pie with anyone else. I’m not saying I won’t try it other places, with other people. But I’ll keep my reservations there with Ronnie.

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