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Christmas Shopping in January

No. I’m not buying presents at the big sales, I went to a trade show and spent Friday and Saturday shopping for our 2005 Christmas Merchandise. Wow. Talk about being brain dead at the end of the day. Two days of non-stop walking and looking and searching for great products at the Merchandise Mart.

Yes. No. Yes. No. Maybe… No.

We bought loads of items and they will all be shipped on August 1. By the end of each day we were physically and mentally exhausted. How many Santa Clauses can one person look at? And although it was up to me to do the menorah shopping, the good jewish vendors aren’t open until today. So we didn’t buy any menorahs. One rep tried to sell us some Hanukah votives to market as hostess gifts–perfect for the bathroom. I thought that was odd, but she claimed it was perfect and most jews will be doing hanukah on christmas this year anyway. She was jewish and has years more experience at the jewish stuff than I do, but that seemed wierd to me.

I took notes that seemed detailed yesterday, but by 6PM yesterday were so cryptic. “Tall Funny Deer” “Whimsical Stockings” do not help you find the one ornament you liked at a store that 5,000 ornaments.

Today is all about recovering from Christmas shopping.

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