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Clean nuff for cookin

Yesterday I was on my hands and knees cleaning the bathroom, today was the kitchen. Now it is almost clean enough to cook in again. The minor construction really took a toll on every inch of my life. Man, the dust is in every nook and cranny. I thought I dusted the book shelves this morning when I started cleaning, but looking at them again–I’m just not sure I did.

But the counter is now Windexed and Pledged within an inch of it’s Formica life. The stove is clean. The sink is full of dust covered things, but the counters are clean. That iswhy it is ALMOST clean enough to cook in. I’ll get there before I go it bed. Once I get this place clean, I should go ahead and put it on the market. It will never match where it will be by bed time. It simply won’t. I’m not a queen of clean.

In other news… there isn’t much other news. I had a nice Girls Night In last night in Oak Park with Mollie. Mollie and I were stand-up comics back in the day. Being with her, telling stories and cracking each other up reminds me of how it felt to be on stage and why I loved doing it. But another girl there had dated one of the boy comics we knew. Her stories of their relationships were a stark reminder of why I quit doing stand-up.

My outlook on life is too positive. Maybe not. Look at Pete Holmes–he made it to VH1. He is succesful, because he lives his life, enjoys his marriage, has a strong spiritual/religious life and never got caught in the bullshit. I always adored Pete and am happy to see him succeed.

What was I doing? Cleaning…. I should probably get back to that. I have some Murphy’s Oil Soap to unleash on my living room.

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