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Cleaning and Writing.

Today I cleaned like a madwoman, really. I got up around 9:30 or so and grabbed some coffee from the shop. (I have changed a lot lately, if sleeping in on my day off now means 9:30.)

I gathered all the essential laundry and remembered to take the bathmats and kitchen towels today. While I was at the laundromat today, I started rereading Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I’d forgotten how it starts, so I am excited to be reading it again instead of the latest issue of Cosmo.

Then it was back in the apartment to tackle the post-painting rearrange and deep clean. I swept and mopped and swept and mopped. I did some dishes. I put lightbulbs in empty sockets, moved extension cords, and put some nails in the wall for a few of my argentina photos.

In my cleaning frenzy, I think I fucked up the phone. There is this cord that does nothing and has been painted to the wall. Sick of the cord coralling dustbunnies in my room, I cut it with my new wire cutters today. Now the phone doesn’t work. Internet still works, but no dial tone. Shit. I guess there is a lesson there about not cutting random phone cords, no matter how useless or dusty they are.

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