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Colorado Friends

Last night I was standing on the El Platform deciding if it was a good time to return Becca’s phone call. Becca was my roommate in Durango, Colorado and a very good friend of mine. In fact, our birthdays are only one year and one day apart–which made birthday week a lot of fun in Durango. We lived together very well and always had a good time hanging out. She was my RA once upon a time. I decided that being on the El might not be the best place to have a good conversation with her, but she decided otherwise and called me at the exact same time.

It was so good to have a chat with her, but being in Leadville at 10,000 feet–the reception wasn’t too great. Anyway. Congrats to Becca for landing her first “real” job, which she gets to start in a couple weeks. She will be living in Leadville year round and working in Real Estate.

I hope to make a fall or winter trip out to Colorado and will have to make it long enough for either a trip up to Leadville or for her to meet me in Durango.

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