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Coming back to Chicago… Tortured Soul

Tortured Soul is coming back to the SmartBar and you can bet I’ll be there. This time I’ll drink fewer vodka/vitamin waters and won’t make out with a british boy, but I will be there. I also won’t wear an incredibly suburban housewife outfit and look so damn out of place.

I will dance and I will bring a ton of friends. Tortured Soul is the band of the boyfriend of one of my London RAs. That’s a mouthful. It is live house music and it so amazing. If you are sitting at the bar, you can’t tell it isn’t a DJ as they slip from one song seemlessly into the next. The boys play a two hour set or something insane. At the end they are dripping in sweat and the crowd has gone crazy.

November 20th at Smartbar. Who’s going with me?

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