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Commercial Bliss

As a general rule, I don’t enjoy shopping. I don’t mind going to markets and malls and window shopping, but when it comes to actually committing to one item (or a dozen) it is a pretty slow process.

Not today.

Today I went to Camden Markets on Northern Line of the Underground. I went my first weekend in London and only bought postcards. Today I did some hardcore Christmas shopping. After I bought the first item for my dad (and more postcards) it was on. Then I stormed the Markets snapping up gifts for my family. I can’t tell you what anything is, because they are presents and my family reads this, then they would know. And where is the fun in that?

There is one thing that I really want for myself, that I haven’t bought yet. They sell them at Camden Market and it is a super cute T-shirt with Johny Knoxville, the rockabilly host of JackAss on MTV. I know it is an awful show, I know it is, I know. But there is something about Mr. Knoxville… Charisma, maybe. There is also a Mr. T one that is pretty cool, but Knoxville gets my vote. The Johny Knoxville shirt will be my reward for sticking to the WW program.

I think I may have figured out what my neighborhoodie will say. SW3 6NA. It is my mailing code for the res hall in London. Even though it is a temporary home, it is a cool and cryptic sweatshirt idea. Besides, my upstairs neighboor at home already has one for Ravenswood.

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