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Community. Make. Let Go. Wonder. Moment. Writing.

Other than day one, the Reverb10 prompts have left me cold. Perhaps this group writing project isn’t for me. On the other hand, maybe tackling the prompts is something I should do. I prefer setting intentions to reflecting on the whole year…. but here are some quick responses to the first week of prompts.


In September of 2009, I sat in a conference room full of Jews in Baltimore and cried. Somehow, I’d become a twice a year Jew. I wasn’t going to Shabbat services, I had slipped away from my congregation, I wasn’t anywhere near a relationship… I wanted my people back and I wanted something more to my Jewish life. In 2010 I started with Shabbat dinners and that turned into starting a minyan (independed prayer group) of other 30something Jews who wanted to do services in a slightly different way. Now I have a new group of Jews to have Shabbat dinner with and Sunday brunches and that is a community I am proud to be a member and proud to have helped create.


The last physical item I made was… latkes. Cooking for a large group of people. The last crafty item that I made was… a collage at the New Year in January? Surely I’ve done something since and if I haven’t, I will. Collages and painting are two powerful things for me to do and two things that I need to make more time for in 2011.

Let Go

I’ve let go of the idea that the future of relationships are defined by the past.

Wonder, Moment

Two separate prompts, but both come back to riding my bike. It is so much easier to feel a sense of wonder when I am moving across the city by the power of my own body. Along the lake at night or through the city by day. Learning that I am stronger than I thought I was – both physically (26 miles, yo!) and emotionally (riding after the crash).


Sleep stops me from writing. Sleep. Work. Chillin’. Being social. So many things have taken precedent over writing for me last year. While I’d love to finish my novel or write regularly, it just isn’t a priority… I don’t know why. It was so important for me for so many years and I think it will be again. But for now… it is hibernating.

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