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Continuing this dating thing.

Okay, even though last week I declared myself no longer dating, I guess I still am.

I made a account, but haven’t been able to log in the last two days. My friend John told me to go out with 8 more guys before I give up completely. I say I just wait for him to be single and be done with it, but that is unreasonable as his girlfriend is just as super as he is.

I still get responses to The Ad, someone telling me that I may have potential and another chemical engineer who thought my ad was funny.

I did get some guilt edged customer service from the Waiter this weekend. I went with Cathy, John, and my dad and The Waiter was actually my waiter. When it came time for refills, I got two new drinks and Cathy got hers removed, but not refilled. My dad threatened to torture me by saying something to The Waiter, but he behaved and did not mortify me again.

I will give a go and maybe write a “serious” ad on Craigslist. 8 more dates and then I QUIT. Officially.

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