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Cooking attempt

I’ve decided, “To Hell with Restaurants!” At least for a day or two. Maybe three, tops. I eat out most meals because I hate to cook for one. Cooking for one reminds me that I am cooking for one. Yes, I know, I deserve good meals and shouldn’t be so negative and lonely about cooking for one… but come on. Isn’t cooking for two or five much, much better?

I think so. That said I have a last minute invite out to Ronnie to join me for my first attempt at cooking a whole chicken. I remembered a recipe that Matt, my original Chicago roommate, cooked once when we were living together. It involved a chicken, lemons, and rosemary. Turns out it is a nice Kosher recipe. Turns out I forgot Matt’s mom was Jewish–where he learned this recipe.

So I picked up a small kosher chicken at Trader Joe’s tonight, some lemons, rosemary, potatoes, tomatoes, olives and popsicles. And because I was already baking challah for class on Tuesday, I’ll make a little loaf of challah just for dinner. Sounds fantastic!

To save time I’ve got the dough rising as I type and went ahead and dressed the chicken.

Um, yeah. Gross. The chicken still had a few feathers (what, this thing was once a living animal? Americans aren’t supposed to know that.) and it’s neck bone. I know if I was a good jew in the kitchen, I would have saved the neckbone and made broth or something… but this is only my first chicken, so let’s be reasonable.

I stuffed it full of lemons and stuck some lemon slices in between the skin and the breasts. I was liberal (but I hope not too liberal) with the rosemary. I added salt, pepper, thyme, and hysop. And for good measure I poured olive oil over the whole thing.

We’ll see. If I don’t die from Salmonella this week, you’ll know I cooked my first kosher meal. They might let me into the tribe yet.

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