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Tonight was an all women led service at the shul. Why? One rabbi was at a wedding and the other rabbi was missing. It was really nice, reminded me of when I first started. Last January the Senior Rabbi was on a mini sabatical, so it was either our Rabbi Emeritus or led by congregants with the Cantor.

We had a baby naming–always wonderful. We also took a few minutes to remember Kristal Nacht–night of broken glass. Then my cantor caught me off gaurd and talked about how as we remember those who have passed, we welcome people into the covenent. There was a baby naming, duh. But then she specifically mentioned that I would be joining the jewish people this week. Cool.

Brad, who’s beit din and mikvah was AGES ago (in April) nudged me and said, “This is your last shabbat as a gentile.” People knew that my beit din had been rescheduled, but like I’ve said before–it was a good thing. It was a great moment, to realize how much this is the right thing for me. And Wednesday morning will be great.

On a not so gentle note–I then had dinner at Twisted Spoke and went to Cage Match with Greg. My ol’ roomie was competing at IO and I wanted to make sure his team one. Thankfully our two votes made all the difference as Grandma’s Boys WHOMPED You Should Have Been There 89 to 35. I warned Greg on the way there, the one team is going to tell a lot of sophomoric dick jokes. And they did and they lost. Wit beat blue (although they went a little blue, not nearly as much as USHBT.) Congrats!

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