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cool things I saw today.

A bar made entirely of ice at the Bluebird on King’s Road. By the time I saw it, it was melting. Wine glasses were sliding across the top and water was running down the sides. It was outside and there were space heaters for the diners at the private party. They had secutiry with earpieces and black coats.

A restaurant with bunked-tables. I’d heard about it, but couldn’t picture ut. Bounasera at the Jam has two rows of booths. The booths are very sturdy, made of a heavy wood and metal pipes. Staggered above the ground level is the second level. In between the back on Booth A and the back of Booth B is a steep ladder leading to Booth A2. The top bunk tables are 1/2 the size of the lower bunk tables. The lower bunks seat 6 and the upper bunks seat 2-4.

Students behaving.

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