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Crazy twin stuff.

“You’re a twin? Are you guys, like, psychic?”

My twin sister is pregnant (and writing about it.) The last six weeks or so, and especially since seeing her at christmas, I have been channeling her hormones from her pregancy. Today it went too far. Heartburn in the middle of the afternoon–when I’d eaten nothing offensive. A turkey sandwhich. What the hell?

So I called her. “What did you eat and do you have heartburn?” She didn’t at that moment, but had been up until 2AM with wicked heartburn the night before. I told her that my period is coming early, my breasts have been swollen and tender all month, and I am getting heartburn for no reason.

It can ONLY be twin psychic stuff. I swear, I really do believe these are her hormones at work in my body. Can anyone else tell me twin pregnancy stories? I hope she has Henry soon, so my body will go back to its regularly scheduled program.

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